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Tut Taylor


"I was born in Baldwin County, Georgia, up on the Oconee
River, near a little community named Possum Trot...  This
was November 20, 1923..."

Tut Taylor

We can now invoice through PayPal Logo email us @: sales@tutbro.com for arrangements.

Tut's passing has been a great loss to all of us. As a family, we appreciate your kind words and
expressions of heartfelt condolences. Our many thanks to all of you.
As we strive to continue his legacy and promote his music, we will continue to update the site providing
you with more pictures, stories and information regarding his life and music.
The Taylor Family

We are proud to announce that the Beard "Tut Taylor" signature model 27
is now available for order!

Tut always said that his model 27 was the best dobro he ever played . So in 2014 , Tut contracted with Paul Beard Guitars, to build a "Tut Taylor " signature model 27, Resonator Guitar. Tut's friendship and respect for Paul Beard as a craftsman and his company's quality of craftsmanship, led to this wonderful addition to the world of resophonics. Here is a direct link to read more about it and review details and specifications. www.beardguitars.com/model27 You can order these fine instruments from one of the many Beard Guitar dealers or directly from our website. For more information or ordering details, please contact David Taylor at: sales@tutbro.com


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Tut played only on
Strings provided by:

You can listen to or download "FREE" MP3 files of Tut's early reel to reel and cassette archive recordings.
The Collection spans almost 60 years of Jam sessions, shows and private picking events. This is all provided by: the "Steam Powered Preservation Society"
(Note: All of Tut's tapes in the music Library will begin with spps-tut-.....)

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Tut Taylor model resophonic guitar by Crafters of Tennessee

"This is my nickel's worth cause I don't have 2 cents...." - Tut Taylor

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